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Mario Götze x Hyundai

Hyunday Logo

Announcing Mario Götze as official ambassador for Hyundai Germany! Their strong alignment stems from a shared vision of modernity and sustainability, making them ideal partners for driving innovation on and off the field.


Julian Nagelsmann x Amazon Prime

Julian Nagelsmann, Bundestrainer, Amazon Prime, Partnership, DFB, Nationalmannschaft, coach
Amazon Prime Video, Partnership, Partnerschaft, Julian Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann and Amazon Prime joined forces to give an exclusive insight view into the live of a professional football coach and the tasks he has to master to perform on Champions League level and beyond.


Sophia Kleinherne x Blackroll

Sophia Kleinherne, Partnership, football, 360Media, Sports360, Content Production, Blackroll, Eintracht Frankfurt Frauen
Blackroll Logo

Recently, we had the pleasure of capturing a stunning portrait of Sophia Kleinherne as part of our exciting partnership with Blackroll. This story is about the meaning of sleep for high performance athletes.

Public Relations

Ena Mahmutovic x Panini


Ena Mahmutovic has teamed up with panini to become official ambassador of the brand. This an especially authentic partnership since ena has been a fan and a passionate collector of panini since her childhood years.

Public Relations

Noah Okafor x NSS

Noah Okafor, AC Mailand, AC Milan, Striker, Stürmer, Salzburg, fashion, NSS Sports, The Artist

"Noah Okafors innovative style of playing football on the field and his modern and creative sense of fashion next to it made an exceptional Brand-Fit between Noah Okafor and NSS Sports. He has become the Face of NSS Sports’ new edition of “More Than”. From Champions League to a painting academy. Noah Okafor is – The Artist" - @nsssports


Felix Kroos x Club of Gents

Felix Kroos, Partnership, football, 360Media, Sports360, Club of Gents, fashion, business, vetements
Club of Gents

Felix became official ambassador of Club of Gents. This Partnership showcases the seamless integration of Felix's distinctive flair with Club of Gents' timeless sophistication.

Public Relations

Toni Kroos x Sony


Toni Kroos recently enjoyed a special screening of Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse. He shares his experience with a fan and promotes the blockbuster, merging the world of football with the magic of cinema.

Public Relations

Kevin Trapp x OMR

Kevin Trapp, Partnership, football, 360Media, Sports360, OMR, Speaker, Business
OMR Logo

Kevin Trapp as a gueast speaker at OMR! In 2023 Kevin had the opportunity to share some of his vision on an exciting stage.


Toni Kroos x Binance


Toni Kroos and Binance, together have launched Toni Kroos's first NFT-Collection. The major ammount of the income was donated to the UN Refugee Agency who take care of ukrainian refugees who fled from the war.


Yukinari Sugawara x Otobe


Yukinari Sugawara became Brand Ambassador of Otobe. The traditional japanese bedding company and the japanese national team player have set the ground for a great partnership.

Public Relations

Julian Nagelsmann x Breitling

Julian Nagelsmann, Partnership, football, 360Media, Sports360, Breitling, Uhr, fashion, business, Bundestrainer, DFB

Julian Nagelsmann and the worldwide known watchmaker Breitling have joined forces, blending strategic precision with timeless style. This partnership celebrates excellence, precision and durability.

Public Relations

Robin Knoche x ZDF Sportstudio

ZDF Sportstudio Logo

Robin Knochen made a memorable appearance on ZDF Sportstudio, sharing some exciting insights from his life on and off the field.

Public Relations

Sophia Kleinherne x Playboy

Sophia Kleinherne, Partnership, football, 360Media, Sports360, Content Production, Eintracht Frankfurt Frauen, 4, National Team, Nationalmannschaft, Playboy
Playbox Logo

Sophia Kleinherne embarks on a bold journey with an exclusive portrait for the Playboy-Magazine. This collaboration captures Sophias momentum right before taking off to the FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia.


Julian Weigl x AA-Drink

AA Drink Logo

The meaning of sport is, to conquer yourself! This is the statement that echoes through the partnership between Julian Weigl and the All Activity Drink. Together an advertisement spot was created to promote their AA Drink Boost Platform, which allows everyone to collect Points for training on their own. The Goal is to create a rewarding system for you to train, easing to find your daily motivation.


Felix Kroos x Coca Cola

Felix Kroos, Coca Cola, guter Zweck, football, Fußball, Paralypics, Olympia, Hand in Hand, 360Media GmbH, Sports360 GmbH, #zusammenungeschlagen, special olympics, Kroos, Partnership, Partnerschaft
Coca Cola

Felix Kroos, a passionate advocate, joins hands with Coca Cola to uplift the Special Olympics community. This partnership embodies a commitment to unity, joy, and making a positive impact.


Luca Waldschmidt x Nike x Deichmann

Luca Waldschmidt, Partnership, football, 360Media, Sports360, Nike, Outfitter, Ausstatter, Street, fashion, shoes
Nike Swoosh

Luca Waldschmidt has teamed up with Nike an Deichmann to bring a smile on childrens faces. As part of a football camp Nike and Deichmann hosted for children, Luca joined to share some insights from his life as a footballer.

Content Production

Phillip Max x Buzz Plug

Phillip Max, Partnership, football, 360Media, Sports360, fashion, shoes, Eintracht Frankfurt
Buzz Plug Logo

Phillip Max partners with Buzz Plug for a chic photoshoot, blending football charisma with fashion sophistication. The visuals showcase the perfect fusion of Phillip's style and Buzz Plug's exclusive items.


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